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    Pur-ait Oy is Finland’s largest manufacturer, importer, and marketer of fences and gates. Operating from more than 40 years of experience, Pur-ait Oy offers quality products for private properties, factory areas, and public buildings. Unique competence, durable solutions, and a versatile product selection are the cornerstones of Pur-ait Oy´s operations.

  • 40 years of history

    Pur-ait Oy is a family enterprise, founded in 1977 in Helsinki and based on its founders’ expertise and know-how. The newly founded Purso Oy contributed to establishment of the company; the aluminium profiles were designed collaboratively. The company’s mesh-weaving machines were acquired in the 1980s. In the same period, co-operation began with Ovitor Oy to develop Finnish gate automation. Today, Pur-ait Oy is the clear market leader in its field in Finland.

  • Pur-ait Oy products

    Pur-ait fences and gates display quality Finnish workmanship. The fence and gate profiles are mostly made of aluminium. In combination with long-term product development work, aluminium helps create a product that both withstands use and looks good. In addition, Pur-ait provides you with design services, spare parts, maintenance, and installation services. Pur-Ait offers turnkey delivery of fences and gates everywhere in Finland.

  • Mission and vision

    Pur-ait Oy’s mission is to help the customer in guiding, controlling, and registering the desired traffic, and in preventing unwanted traffic on the customer’s premises and in the yard area. Pur-ait Oy’s vision is to manufacture products that withstand time and wear. We want to stay up to date, develop our services, and offer top competence in the field to our customers.

  • Pur-ait Oy in figures

    • Each year, nearly 200 km of fence mesh, 1,500 gates, and 500 installation locations • Approx. 20 employees • Annual turnover of €5 million • Customer base that is 70% industrial, 20% public administration, and 10% private • Seven retail sellers in Finland

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Pur-ait Oy

Lyhtytie 24
00750 Helsinki, Finland
Puh: 09 350 9400
Fax: 09 350 94040

Maintenance service:huolto@purait.fi

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